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about Miracle Dancer


Planned to be a Grand show of coimbatore. We promise to give an outstanding dance feast to coimbatore on Miracle Dancer Season 8. With no doubt this year Miracle Dancer will be taken over by Coimbatore up to an international level.

!!! This is a platform for the pioneer to quit their sojourn and reach their endeavour by tackling their obstacles !!!


The Miracle Stars is one of the leading dance platform and the biggest dance battle festival in India. It is a well known and widely profound show.It was originally developed for Kids as Chutti Mega Thiruvizha.

Miracle Stars was started in 2007 with 800 participants in various categories. The show was organised by Miracle Media Events and featured Star Celebrities as a special guest for Finales. Miracle Stars has achieved 7 years of its incredible history and spreaded its wings all over india. Winners of this show had created their very own identity. First five years of this event organsied at tirupur and last two years of this event was organised at coimbatore.

The everlasting 7th successive year of MIRACLE STARS was celebrate in 2013 in which 20,000 participants from 21 states all over India rocked the event with their enthralling performance. Miracle Stars has pivotal brand name in the minds of the all youth and it has quenched the thirst of every pillars of india. On 7years history of Miracle Stars 65000 participants had expressed their latent talents.

In 2013 Miracle Stars Season 7 was talk of the year all over coimbatore. We are amazingly encouraged by the coimbatorians beyond belief. We would thank them for this stupendous support.

After an initial seven season run, Miracle Star was postponed in 2014 due to improvising reach and promotion for next season. However, on January 01, 2015, Miracle Media Events announced that the series would be revived for an eighth season.

The new season, titled Miracle Dancer: Season 8, will be a grand dance festival. The season will consist of 3 Categories (Solo-Doubles-Group) in all age groups, featuring on May 24, 2015. Miracle Dancer is a competitive reality show where dancers showcase their talent and compete for a grand prize and the golden Miracle Dancer trophy.

Rules & Terms of Miracle Dancer Season 8

  1. Participants should submit application form duly completed in all respects.
  2. Incomplete applications will not be considered to participate in the event.
  3. Participants should be aware of the details of their category and event schedule.
  4. Submit the application form on Audition venue at 9AM, 17th MAY.
  5. Participants should attend the contest only as per the scheduled date & Time.
  6. Dance participants should bring CD compulsorily on their own, containing only a song on which they going to perform (Any style, any song, 2mins song).
  7. No second chance will be given to participants in case of any mistake occurred during their performance.
  8. Group Category must be with Minimum of 5 to Maximum of 10 participants.
  9. Doubles Category can be Male & Male / Female & Female / Male & Female.
  10. Properties and songs used for audition are not allowed to repeat in Finale.
  11. 3 Years to 5 Years category participants has only single round on 17th May.
  12. All participants will get participant certificate with celebrities signature.
  13. Judges decision is the final.
  14. Fire products and any harmful properties are not allowed.
  15. Event management is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expenses or any consequential or any indirect loss or damage of any kind.
  16. Event management is not responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen articles.
  17. In any aspect a persons related to the event or event management or judges will not be eligible to participate into this program.
  18. No interference what so ever by the participant or a parent or a legal guardian regarding the competition / programming / or in the conduct of competition / program will be entertained by event management and any breach of this automatically disqualify a participant from entering and proceeding to the further levels in the event.
  19. In case of any dispute event management’s decision will be final and binding on all the parties concerned.
  20. No communication whether direct or indirect will be entertained by the event management and any breach of their clause will automatically disqualify a participant from entering the competition.
  21. Event management has right to postpone the event date in case of any natural calamities.
  22. All dispute relating to this Terms & Conditions will be subject to coimbatore court only.

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